Susan Gulkis Assadi

Born: Arecibo, Puerto Rico

Performs with: Seattle Symphony

A founding member of the Seattle-based Bridge Ensemble, Susan Gulkis Assadi plays viola in Rudolf and Jeanette on MOR’s Schoenfield and Schwarz (Naxos 2009), and in David Stock’s A Vanished World (the MOR commission composed specifically for her) and Schulhoff’s Five Pieces for String Quartet on MOR’s Art from Ashes, Vol. 1.



Camp Songs & Ghetto Songs
American composer and pianist Paul Schoenfield is at the keyboard for two searing, heart-piercing works commissioned by Music of Remembrance. Schoenfield gives voice to the words of two brilliant poets - one a Holocaust survivor, one murdered - and the range of their emotions through rage, bitter... Read more
Art From Ashes
Called a “rewarding musical start” (Gramophone), MOR’s Grammy-nominated first recording includes Robert Dauber’s Serenata, Erwin Schulhoff’s Five Pieces for String Quartet, Herman Berlinski’s Sonata for Flute and Piano, and two MOR commissions: Camp Songs--with... Read more